The Way to Happiness
Develop a brand platform, positioning concept, logo and corporate identity for the new pizzeria.
Platform and positioning
Zen is the pursuit of happiness and the path that a person makes in his search. Having passed this thorny path, he finds happiness and harmony within himself, that is, he returns to the starting point of the path.

We have presented this path in the form of a maze, which consists of the same segments (slices of pizza) and held a metaphor: eating pizza (passing way) — a person finds happiness (comprehends Zen).

Visual System

The visual system is based on the circle - the symbol of happiness and the end point of the journey. Everyone understands happiness in his own way - this was the basis for the new graphics: circles of different shapes and sizes.

The circle allows you to create a focus in brand communications with its audience. The new graphics are perfectly identifiable and create a positive vibe. Emotional texts and a simple pitch work great for creating an emotional connection with the brand's audience.
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