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Rebranding the largest media in Buryatia

Nomer odin is one of the first media outlets in Buryatia and undoubtedly one of its flagships. The rich history and vast experience of the team, allows to this day to create exclusive and high-quality materials for the printed newspaper, the news website and a large number of communities in social networks.

Updating the site, whose engine and interface needed modern solutions, as well as increasing its online presence and attracting a younger audience, were the challenges of the new times and reasons for a rebranding that would mark the company's transition into the new digital era.
Web design
The high level of trust among readers, which has been built up over the years, is the main criterion for the changes to be neat and unobtrusive. Therefore, it was decided to keep the characteristic slant of the letters of the former logo and the red color.

The first step was to "free" the letters of the logo lettering from the red line that pierced them like a skewer. If we look at this line in terms of meanings, a red thread comes to mind - a metaphor denoting the leading, the main point in something, such as the main idea in a text (Passes a red thread through the plot). In the abbreviated version, this line becomes a cursor that types the text - a metaphor for the transition to the digital age.
RF Dewi is a modern multiscript family from the neo-grotesque class. The font's broad graphics show their firm and confident character, thanks to which the new logo breathes full throttle and demonstrates its leadership position, which is reinforced by the signature slant.
In the new mark, the cursor is hidden in the foot of the number 1, thus emphasizing the flagship status. The new sign looks much clearer and weightier, and most importantly does not use the "analog", canonical mark №1, emphasizing its new modern, digital status.
Brand color
The former signature red differed in hue on different sites, whether it was the website or instagram. Now Number One has an updated red that has a brighter and warmer hue.
The concept with the red line was developed in the updated site design, where it is applied in different situations: the progress bar in the site header, section headers, buttons, icons, quotes and more.

The new design completely revised the navigation and presentation logic of news, articles and recommendations. Each aspect was worked out together with the client at the stage of prototyping and testing the site.

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The qualitative changes that the rebranding brought were welcomed by the "Number One" team and highly appreciated by readers, and the quantitative indicators of audience growth put the site in first place in terms of media site traffic in the region.

The cursor at the end of the logo is an unfinished story and a confident look into the company's future, ready for new challenges.