Lando - delivery of happiness.
Branding an online store for women

The range of Lando online store is designed exclusively for female audience: cosmetics, perfumes, healthy food and many other pleasant little things for girls and women who seek an active lifestyle, healthy eating, beauty and development. The main advantages of the store are lightness, speed and ease of interaction at all stages: the process of searching for goods, ordering, payment and delivery. Lando's visual style is based on the same values and resonates with its audience.
Graphics of the logo in the form of a ribbon going to infinity, perfectly conveys the character and mood of the brand: elegance, playfulness and flexibility, and symbolizes the ease and speed of searching and ordering goods
The slogan "Happiness is in your hands" resonates with the values of the target audience and fills Lando's positioning with an additional semantic layer: everything depends on you.