Identity for the production center
Founded in 2011 by producers Ilya Stewart and Murad Osmann, the company quickly grew into one of Russia's leading production houses, creating award-winning feature-length films, music videos and commercials for global brands.

Currently, Hype continues to expand its lineup of diverse content for various platforms, which has necessitated an updated logo and identity system.
Logo, identity

Greencow studio.
Art-director: Dmitry Sheremetev
Senior designer: Nanzat Lygdenov
The original Hype horn-shaped logo was designed at Greencow Studio and has since become quite recognizable, so it needed a neat and discreet redesign, the main requirement of which was to abandon the pseudo-volume and improve readability.
Hype encompasses several lines of business, each of which required its own writing in a unified style. For visual identification based on the spelling, a concept was developed using a narrow and dense Druk font combined with fill and outline, in the manner of filling the space around it with the sounds of a horn. This simple visual technique created a recognizable style that was a great complement to the updated logo.