Everse. The future of retail
Branding and interface for metaverse technology for retail

The ability to shop in a familiar store from the comfort of one's own home is a core idea of metaverse technology for retail. Ultra-precise virtualization opens up extended possibilities of interaction with goods and opens new horizons of shopping, where goods can literally be felt at the fingertips.

To launch the new project, comprehensive branding work was done: positioning, naming, visual communication system, as well as user interaction scenarios and interface design.
UX&UI design
The main requirement for the name was a free domain in the ru zone, which greatly narrowed the field of options, but fortunately we were able to find a concise name that fully conveys the essence of the service: Everse, from the words E-commerce and Metaverse.
Commercial spaces are primarily shelves. A lot of shelves with goods. The logo is based on the metaphor of the transfer of 2D shelves into a virtual 3D space. The overall graphic resembles the letter E of the service's name.
Visual system
The advantage of Everse technology is the transfer of the usual shopping process to a virtual three-dimensional environment. This is the basis of the visual system, which uses the technique of superimposing objects on top of each other. The blurring of the background creates a three-dimensional and tangible effect.
Interface design
The service works on the principle of the game with two control options: classic keyboard + mouse and VR. Before the start of the immersion the user selects the desired store and type of control.
Virtual store
The features of the service include the ability to change the store on the fly, so the task of developing the interface was to create a single standard for the branding of the outlet for all the stores represented in it. This included the design of the entrance, navigation, price tags, interior design, etc.

On the product interaction screen, it can be rotated and viewed from all sides, and if a product needs to be added to cart, it can simply be dragged into the corresponding field on the screen.