One dollar world.
Identity and design of the donation app

One dollar world is an application-platform for charity, designed to change the system of donations in the world and make this process as accessible, convenient and transparent as possible. The main idea of the application is to give every person with a smartphone an opportunity to donate once a day in the amount of $1, which is distributed to all the cases published on that day. Such a system, according to the creators, will not only attract to the global community a large number of people who are ready to make a small fixed-amount donation for good causes, but also allow to make this process transparent and regular.

When one person needs help, lots of people from all over the world can come to their aid. When all of us together help someone in need, we make the world a stronger and better place, because all the good we do is sure to come back to us. The idea of helping and uniting the world was the basis of the logo in the form of the letter S - the dollar sign, as the main global currency.
UX&UI application design